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Houston Newborn Photographer
Houston Newborn Photographer
Houston Newborn Photographer
Houston Newborn Photographer
Houston Newborn Photographer
Houston Newborn Photographer

So I’ve been getting lots and lots of inquiries today about when Baby Audreys sneak peek was going to be posted.  And it wasn’t even from mom and dad!  It was from all of our friends from church!  They are anxious to see this sweet girl!   So here is sweet baby Audrey!  Isn’t she adorable?  I can already tell that she is going to be just as sweet as her big sister!  She was so good for her session.  From what I can remember, she didn’t cry a peep and I had so much fun taking her pictures and visiting with mom and dad!

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Jamie Kutter - January 26, 2010 - 9:19 pm

oh my….she is cute!!!! these images are gorgeous Erin!

Miriam - January 27, 2010 - 7:30 am

I LOVE these pictures Erin! You are so talented! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you for taking these we had so much fun watching you pose her in all different ways!:)

Sarah Williams - January 27, 2010 - 7:43 am

Precious! What a wonderful memory maker for the family.

Erin Endicott - January 27, 2010 - 7:57 am

Oh Erin….. your photos absolutley capture just how beautiful this sweet girl is! I love them!

shalonda - January 27, 2010 - 8:37 am

oh my goodness erin these precious

Cristina C - January 27, 2010 - 10:28 am

Love these Erin! You’re so amazing!

Amy M. - January 27, 2010 - 10:54 am

OMG….I LOVE them ALL!!!! The pink tutu one is ADORABLE! Congrats Miriam and Tim…what a beautiful baby girl!!!!

Erin - January 27, 2010 - 10:58 am

Thank you all for your very kind words! I adore this little girl and her family!

amy - January 27, 2010 - 1:33 pm

Precious, precious!! They are such a beautiful family!

Sam - January 27, 2010 - 2:10 pm

Absolutely precious!!

Haley Lancaster - January 27, 2010 - 3:03 pm

no one with baby fever should come anywhere near you blog!!!! they are perfect :) xo

Kris - January 27, 2010 - 4:37 pm

What a sweet baby girl! Such a sweet family! Erin, these pictures are gorgeous!

Marianne W - January 27, 2010 - 8:45 pm

So excited to meet her in person tonight- what a little doll – can’t believe you captured her smiling under the blanket that is my fav! Perfect!

Tada - January 27, 2010 - 8:47 pm

I thought I had already written about this precious little one – isn’t she just the cutest. It would be very hard to pick the best one when they’re all so darling.

Jen B - January 28, 2010 - 8:15 am

She’s absolutely precious! Keith likes the smiling one, but I’m a HUGE fan of the last one with the flower… I love “Baby sleep” and she has mastered it! Tim and Miriam, she’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m sure Erin will have her on one of her magazine covers in a few years… ;-)

Jenny - January 28, 2010 - 8:40 am

Aww- love them all but especially the one in the little pink tutu!

Amanda Conger - January 30, 2010 - 2:25 pm

Erin!! You are totally fab! The tutu one is my favorite! Tim & Miriam…she is perfectly beautiful!!!

Tanzyn - February 24, 2010 - 2:13 pm

How adorable! Love your work.

Eliza Boquin - March 11, 2010 - 10:55 am

absolutely stunning

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