Nominated for Houston’s Children’s Photographer of the Year

On Friday morning I received an e-mail that I had been nominated for Houston Children’s Photographer of the year!  I was just down right excited!   I sent an e-mail and posted on facebook right away.  I slowly watched Erin Carlyle Photography move up the list.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was all of the amazing e-mails, texts, facebook messages and comments I’ve gotten from all of you cheering me on!  I didn’t expect for this nomination to be an emotional one but I’ve shed some tears over the very kind things you all have said.  Thank you so much for taking the time to vote, sending me messages, cheering me on and most of all trusting me with your precious memories!  I have the greatest job on earth and work with the most amazing people.  I’m one lucky girl who is living a dream that I’ve had since I was 8 years old. 


If you haven’t voted yet, there is still time!  And I would love your vote!  Voting ends on August  13th and the winner will be announced on August 23rd. 

Click here to vote! 

You will notice that I have no pictures or information on the voting page….just my logo!  They haven’t confirmed that I’m the owner yet so once they confirm, they will let me add my information.  They only have what the person who nominated me gave them (thank you whoever you are by the way)!!!

I wanted to share with you all some of the comments that were posted on the voting page.  I won’t share the e-mails or private facebook messages since they were sent directly to me, I don’t know how you feel about me sharing.  But the others were posted where everyone could see so I think it is okay if I share them here also!


Best kids photos in the city!

Houston…we will have a problem if Erin does not win!! SHE IS THE BEST! My boys love her and they are soooo hard to get pics of! We starting using her two years ago and our pictures are ALWAYS fabulous! She has a way with kiddos like no other!! Good luck Erin! I am sooo stinkin proud of you!!

You either have it or you don’t have it when it comes to photographing children —-Erin has it.

Erin is a wonderful and professional woman, and is great with kids. 

Erin’s work represents the best photography around!!! Kudos for her nomination…she should win!!! 

Erin connects with children in a way that captures and reveals the personalities of the children she photographs!  

Her photography is amazing!

Crisp, clear, creative, and GORGEOUS photography! 

Best photos with Santa that we ever had!!! Go Erin!!

Erin is absolutely wonderful at working with young children and capturing their unique personalities. My youngest has major stranger anxiety and Erin still managed to get beautiful pictures that allowed her personality to shine through. My oldest loves to take pictures and just had a great time working with Erin. We love her!!!

Erin Carlyle makes me wish I had children! I have had the pleasure of viewing so many of my friends special moments and each one of them was captured by Erin. She has a remarkable talent! Erin has a way of bringing excitement and energy into each photograph! If there are ever babies in my future I will certainly be trusting Erin to create our lifelong memories with her amazing God given talent!

Erin Carlyle has many taken pictures of our children and grandchildren and they are great. Since they are currently living overseas I keep pictures everywhere and the majority are the ones that Erin has taken. She has such an ability to capture the different personalities as well as the images. We plan to use her for many more picture taking sessions!  

Erin Carlyle’s photographs of babies and children are extraordinary. She brings a sense of beautiful life and personality to the tiniest little people, and creates touching memories for parents through that gift for bringing an overwhelmingly precious import to the photographs of sleeping infants and playing children.

What an incredible young woman and photographer. She takes my grandchildren’s pictures and puts them so at ease and is able to charm the cutest expressions out of them it’s incredible. A true joy to work with and so very gifted!

Erin has been our family photographer for several years and we’ve NEVER been disappointed! She’s worked so hard to get all smiles from ALL of us.  

Erin is one of those rare talents who has an intense eye for setting up a shot and making it look magical! SO talented! I am proud to cast my vote for Erin Carlyle! 

Erin is amazing! She has taken pictures of my children multiple times and each time she did a terrific job! She truly LOVES children and I believe that is what makes her so great at what she does!

She is wonderful with children and captures the candid moments beautifully. We did a family session with a one year old in 30 MINUTES. I bought the biggest package, the pictures are amazing! 

She is the best!!!

Captured my kids in a way that no one else ever has! They warmed up to her immediately. We would use her again in a heartbeat!


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Jamie Kutter - July 13, 2010 - 12:18 pm

YAYYYYYY!!!!! I’m so excited for you Erin. You deserve it my sweet, sweet friend! muah!

Susie Jackson - July 13, 2010 - 2:12 pm


This does not surprise me. You are so worthy.


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