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Types of Flouropolymer (PFA)

Perfluoroalkyoxy-polymers, PFA has the same advantages as PTFE with the structure: [CF(OR,)-CF2(CF2-CF2)n]m OR, represents a perfluoroalkoxy group.

PFA can be melt processed (extruded). The chemical resistance is comparable to PTFE. PFA is translucent and slightly flexible. It has greater mechanical strength and higher temperature tolerance than PTFE. Its melting temperature is 305癈.

"PFA was first used in the semiconductor industry for injection molded wafer carriers and similar articles that resisted aggressive chemicals and high temperature chemical processing. Now, PFA is also considered to be the best fluoropolymer for semiconductor piping applications, and is accepted for both liquid reagents and UPDI water handling in advanced processlng appllcations."

Reference: Burggraaf, P., Semiconductor International, July 1988, p.55.

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