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Liquid Sampling Bags/Liners

Rods, TFE

Rupture Membranes, PFA

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Custom Frabrication, Machining, Die Cutting & Coating

Fluoropolymer components may be handled in exactly the same manner as parts made of other materials, such as steel, brass, lead, concrete, etc. However, inert fluoropolymers may be chosen in preference to other materials because of better chemical resistance, friction content, dielectric strength, toughness, weather resistance, or combination of such properties. Most materials are affected to some extent by temperature, moisture, and environment. Inert fluoropolymer resins exhibit zero moisture absorption and are therefore, unaffected by almost all environmental conditions.

Die Cutting
Custom die cutting, i.e. gaskets, liners, washers, etc. of PTFE, silicone and other materials.  Thicknesses from .001" up to 1/16", 1/8" and thicker depending on the material.

PTFE Coating
Multiple laboratory devices including glass can be coated with different thicknesses of a wide choice of fluoropolymer materials. Performance properties such as adhesion, thermal or chemical resistance, as well as appearance properties such as color or texture are all considered in the selection of the proper coating.

Examples of Custom Orders
Wafer Carriers Wafer Carriers are used in the semiconductor industry. PTFE carriers can be specifically designed to fit your particular system. Precision machining permits exceptionally close tolerances. Carrier handles and transporters can be customized as well.

Modifying exterior and interior capacity for use with robotics.


Customizing blades, shaft dimensions and sizing for use in various applications.

Sampling Bags and Liners

Custom fabrication and engineered solutions to problems with bags, liners, and various other containers which control, hold, and store corrosives, contaminants etc., are available. Heat sealing, for example, can be used to convert thin film into manufactured products. Heat sealing is sometimes used in the manufacturing of two and three dimensional configurations in order to create completed shapes such as tank liners and lay-flat bags.

Other than solid rods or sheets, PTFE is available in shapes such as circular discs, rectangles, triangles, and squares which are made of solid PTFE. Machining can be done to any of these shapes in order to acquire a new design.

Special Requirements

If you have a specific need, our engineering department can help. A machined modification of a standard product can often be very cost effective. If you require specific dimensions or capacities, call or fax our office. Simply send us a drawing and your specifications and we will be pleased to submit a firm price quotation. Average delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of order depending on the quantity and the complexity of the item to be custom fabricated.

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